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We aim to be responsive to clients and are prepared to operate on a flexible basis, so as to best meet their specific needs. Clients use our services to deliver specific projects, or engage us over a longer period to improve their business process and assist in their technology and business strategy function.

We are pleased to have worked with clients across a range of industries, within the government, public and private sector, from the United Kingdom, North America, Europe and Asia.

We can:

  • Advise on all aspects of the development of electrical energy storage
  • Support or lead project development for storage projects
  • Identify opportunities for electrical energy storage
  • Manage the interface between technology and commercial issues
  • Assess new technologies
  • Provide business development strategy and project investment appraisal
  • Prepare relevant and timely market analysis for general and specific energy technologies
  • Assess energy technology proposals
  • Manage functional, project and subcontractor teams of all sizes
  • Prepare and implement technology proposals to funding agencies such as the ETI and European Commission

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