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Please note that the inclusion or absence of a conference on this list does not imply endorsement or otherwise of any event.  We publish this list to be helpful to those interested in the subject area and so that conference organisers might avoid clashes and overlaps which will upset speakers as well as attendees. We also need to recognise other important events as we grow the electricity storage industry. We list conferences and events here as we become aware of them.

We think that conferences and seminars are useful for networking and sharing ideas, but with an ever increasing number of conferences on the subject of energy storage, it is necessary to be selective about which ones to attend and support. We tend to favour those run by associations and professional institutions.

If you are thinking of organising a conference - do check here, and on other websites. We need to have some time between conferences so we can do some work!

Here are some other links to conference listings

Batteries and related energy storage from BEST magsmart grids from Smart Grid news

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2017 Historical Events

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