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Anthony Price has been working in the energy storage sector for twenty years, taking projects from concept through to delivery.  His work covers the research, design, development and commercialisation of energy storage devices and systems.  He is an accomplished speaker on energy storage and energy policy.  Anthony Price served as a director of the Electricity Storage Association for five years, has been Chairman and a member of the Energy Panel of the Institution of Civil Engineers and has been a member of the United States Department of Energy Peer Review Panel of Energy Storage Systems.  He has published numerous magazine and journal articles on energy storage technologies and applications, many with especial reference to flow batteries. 

Clive Tomlinson is our information systems engineer who specialises in smart energy and communication systems.  He worked in the UK government's smart metering communications programme, led a number of smart energy research projects and developed technical architectures in most of the UK's national telecoms network operators.  Clive Tomlinson holds BSc, BA and DIP Mus degrees, is a Chartered Electrical Engineer and a Fellow of the IET.

Oliver Shotton is our Software Engineer. His role follows projects throughout the software development life cycle ensuring high quality results. Oliver has a strong interest in software that interfaces with the real world and his experience with the Raspberry Pi has proven useful when prototyping in the laboratory.

Dr Andy Scott is head of consulting. He brings a wealth of business knowledge, specialising in strategic marketing and management and has expert knowledge of energy storage systems.  

Dr Jeremy Kent is our Security Product Manager. He brings experience and knowledge in the fields of quality assurance and information security management including the production of policies and procedures, risk management, the accreditation of secure systems to HMG standards, auditing and certification to the international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. He has a background in software engineering and business development. Jeremy is a member of the BCS and a CESG Certified Professional.

Simon Le-Blond is our lead electrical engineer and power systems specialist.

Swanbarton Limited can draw on a network of colleagues and associates to provide other skills as needed by our clients.  We work with clients in the UK, Europe, North America and Asia.

Employment opportunities

Employment opportunities in electrical energy storage, energy policy and local energy markets.

We will consider applications for an internship (full or part time) to support our business activities.  Candidates must have excellent communication skills, as well as be able to show a knowledge of the technical and commercial sides of the energy industry. This might suit a postgraduate or early post doctoral student who is looking to gain experience in the energy industry.

If you are interested in joining us, for technical, commercial or administrative work, please let us know. We are pleased to consider applications for part time employment, flexible hours, or those able to consider a fixed term appointment.


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