Swanbarton celebrates fifteen years in energy storage

Posted on Oct 2, 2018
Swanbarton celebrates fifteen years in energy storage

Back in the summer of 2003, only a few people were interested in energy storage.  Batteries were expensive, pumped hydro took a long time to build, the business case for flywheels was hard to find and innovation in the energy sector was all about small-scale on shore and off shore wind.  Solar PV was a real novelty.  Some things were changing, The Department of Trade and Industry had several projects in the distributed and renewable energy sectors, some innovative companies were developing their own storage solutions.

At that time Anthony Price started Swanbarton.  More of our first clients came from abroad than in the UK, and opportunities to work with clients from North America, Japan, Germany and the Netherlands gave us a unique edge in staying ahead of developments.

Soon, our clients wanted more – and we started both the Electricity Storage Network (ESN) and the International Flow Battery Forum (IFBF) as a means to spread the word about the importance of electricity storage.  The ESN is now managed by Regen, but we continue to organise the IFBF, which was recently described by one delegate as “the most significant and impactful flow battery event of the whole year.”

Today, our company has ten employees and a number of associates.  In addition to our consultancy work, we are researching the role of local energy markets and behind the meter storage and energy management.

When we started, it was rare to read about energy storage in a newspaper or magazine.  Today, there are numerous magazines and journals just covering storage.  It’s a great industry and we are proud to have helped shape it.