Calming the waves

Posted on Dec 3, 2021
Calming the waves

Swanbarton’s control system has today taken live control of the PESO project’s new 100 kW dual-chemistry battery at Portsmouth International Port.     

Swanbarton’s control system is tackling a double challenge:

  • To meet the port’s energy and carbon goals, the control system needs to be very smart about when the battery charges and when it discharges, selecting from many millions of possible charge-discharge patterns every hour, and forecasting the port’s balance of energy consumption and generation over several days;
  • The dual-chemistry battery from GS Yuasa combines the rapid response of lithium cells with the economy, safety, and recyclability of lead-acid cells: but its dual-chemistry architecture necessarily adds to the complexity of its control.

These are big challenges, but Swanbarton’s control system has risen to them. A controller built on an automotive automation platform is co-located with the battery controlling the AC-DC converter and monitoring the balance of energy between the lithium and lead-acid cells in real time; while a powerful cloud server runs artificial intelligence algorithms and uses machine learning to create, and constantly review, the best possible plan of action for the battery.