New Market Models for Community Energy Conference

Posted on Jan 6, 2015
New Market Models for Community Energy Conference

Developing the Technology and Market Models for Local Energy Markets

Thursday 29th January 2015

Community and Localised energy supply can benefit consumers, small generators and network operators. However, in order to implement this new, efficient energy supply, communities need a new market model.

This conference discussed the role, technology and development of local energy markets. Session One gave an introduction to the current landscape of community energy and the potential for growth. This was looked at from both a renewable energy point of view, by Merlin Hyman from RegenSW, and from Reg Platt at Ovo Communities, an energy supplier working with local councils and communities.

The next session highlighted the social, commercial and regulatory challenges faced by community energy schemes, and the potential solutions that could help. This inspired some healthy debate amongst delegates! Finally our speakers explored the technical solutions, which could help the development of Community Energy.
– Current status of UK and international projects
– Commercial and regulatory challenges for local trading
– Technological development