Smart chemistry, smart control.

Posted on Dec 11, 2018
Smart chemistry, smart control.

Swanbarton is proud to be contributing to the ADEPT project in partnership with Infinite Renewables, GS Yuasa and Sheffield University.

ADEPT is demonstrating adventurous new energy management techniques on an industrial site. It includes the control of an exciting new battery configuration. GS Yuasa’s 100kW battery integrates strings of Lithium-ion and Lead-acid cells onto a shared DC bus, exploiting the two technologies’ voltage/charge curves in such a way that brief, shallow discharges are met from the durable and responsive Lithium cells, but the occasional longer and deeper discharge is met from the economical and environmentally friendly Lead cells.

Update 12/02/2019: you can read more about the battery technology in today’s Mission Critical Power magazine.

ADEPT battery in shipping container

This innovative battery configuration is being managed by Swanbarton’s battery control device MSM, which provides an integrated view of the whole battery, and by Swanbarton’s site energy optimization product, EROS. MSM and EROS enable the battery to be used flexibly for:

  • time-shifting local renewable generation to match local demand
  • exploiting time-varying electricity supply tariffs
  • managing network power peak costs
  • dispatch for ancillary services

Swanbarton’s technology gives ADEPT unique capabilities for automated planning and control of battery actions based on optimizing self-consumption, minimising import costs and gaining ancillary services revenue.

The containerized ADEPT solution is designed for plug-and-play deployment on industrial and commercial sites.

ADEPT is unique in bringing together all the available economic forces that can sustain grid-scale behind-the-meter battery deployment, and in thereby increasing the scope for on-site renewable energy generation.

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