Energy Innovation

Our research team has developed novel solutions for energy storage control devices, demand side response, local energy markets and peer-to-peer (P2P) trading.

View our published patents here.

P2P trading and Local Energy Markets

Peer-to-peer trading in real-time, using locally negotiated pricing, revolutionises energy markets. It enables:

  • Local matching of consumption and generation
  • Pricing that reflects actual local conditions and encourages desirable consumer behaviour
  • Pricing that incentivises local network balancing
  • Pricing that promotes investment in local generation and storage
  • Pricing that will naturally adapt to change

Energy Storage Controller

Micro Storage Manager (MSM) controls a battery system or an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), to:

  • Maximise self-consumption of local generation
  • Minimise the use of peak-price electricity
  • Gain revenue through network balancing services

By modelling the predicted local generation, the local consumption, the supplier’s time-of-day pricing and the cost of using the battery, MSM controls the battery to reduce the overall cost of electricity purchases. Live data feeds from cloud services can enrich the modelling. A conventional battery controller or UPS system cannot do this.
MSM also acts as a dispatchable storage command interface, so that, for example a Demand Response Aggregator can use the battery for network balancing services and provide revenue to the battery owner.

Demand-side Response

An inexpensive device that can deployed in a home or a business to remotely switch an energy asset on or off. The device uses secure communications protocols to receive instructions from a central cloud service.