NGK NAS Battery Sodium Sulphur

Swanbarton is the original energy storage consultancy in the UK.

Storage technology selection

Ensure you select the best battery technology for your project. Our recent work has involved lithium-ion, lead acid and flow batteries. However, we have a broad knowledge of other battery chemistries and non-battery energy storage, such as flywheels and CAES (Compressed Air Energy Storage).

Scale storage energy capacity and power to suit your grid connection and site characteristics. We have worked on standalone storage projects, behind-the-meter sites and co-location with generation assets.

Ensure your storage system has adequate safety controls and environmental control (HVAC, fire suppression etc).

Control and interoperability

Select a PCS (Power Conversion System) and an overall battery storage management system that will support current and future operating modes. De-risk your project by ensuring access to the widest range of future revenue streams.

Planning and Consent

We can assist with grid connection and planning formalities.


Many storage systems require technical modelling beyond the capabilities of spreadsheets to forecast throughput energy costs, state of charge management, service delivery metrics and a degradation profile. Our software tools enable us to simulate storage systems delivering complex, real-time services.