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Established in 2003, Swanbarton is the original energy storage specialist.

Our multi-disciplinary team of engineers and consultants brings a mix of ground-breaking R&D and product development, alongside independent advice and trusted analysis.

This combination of in-house technical and commercial experience is rare in energy storage, and provides our customers with a more detailed perspective and better informed decisions.

Swanbarton offers strategic insight and robust technical scrutiny for infrastructure and investment funds, local authorities, developers and technology vendors.

Customers trust our specialists for rigorous due diligence and expertise in regulatory compliance.

Our in-house research team has developed a portfolio of patented products which offer cost benefits from better control of energy use, exchange, and storage.

Swanbarton has also organised the International Flow Battery Forum since 2010, uniting storage specialists from around the world.

Discover what’s possible in energy storage!


Swanbarton is the original energy storage consultancy. Our network of industry contacts and partners can accelerate your business in the GB market.


Our International Flow Battery Forum brings together storage specialists from around the world. We are founder members of the Electricity Storage Network, the association for UK storage organisations.

Our Team

We are a mix of engineers and analysts with skills in storage technologies, control systems, commercial analysis, energy industry regulation, innovation, product development, planning and project management.

Swanbarton at COP26

Swanbarton at COP26

Posted on Dec 3, 2021

We are very keen on microgrids and local markets for electricity.  We were honoured that the video of our recent Innovate UK project was included in a collection of Energy Catalyst projects shown in the Presidency Event – Accelerating Innovation: collaboration for a net zero future.  The link to the Science and Innovation theme is […]

Calming the waves

Calming the waves

Posted on Dec 3, 2021

Swanbarton’s control system has today taken live control of the PESO project’s new 100 kW dual-chemistry battery at Portsmouth International Port.      Swanbarton’s control system is tackling a double challenge: To meet the port’s energy and carbon goals, the control system needs to be very smart about when the battery charges and when it […]

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