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Swanbarton is the original energy storage consultancy. Our network of industry contacts and partners can accelerate your business in the GB market.


Our International Flow Battery Forum brings together storage specialists from around the world. We are founder members of the Electricity Storage Network, the association for UK storage organisations.

Our Team

We are a mix of engineers and analysts with skills in storage technologies, control systems, commercial analysis, energy industry regulation, innovation, product development, planning and project management.

Smart chemistry, smart control.

Smart chemistry, smart control.

Posted on Dec 11, 2018

Swanbarton is proud to be contributing to the ADEPT project in partnership with Infinite Renewables, GS Yuasa and Sheffield University. ADEPT is demonstrating adventurous new energy management techniques on an industrial site. It includes the control of an exciting new battery configuration. GS Yuasa’s 100kW battery integrates strings of Lithium-ion and Lead-acid cells onto a […]

Ships need ports

Ships need ports

Posted on May 28, 2020

As a maritime nation, we depend on our port infrastructure. Ports are major users of energy, for operating dockside handling facilities, and powering the port’s vessels, such as pilot craft and tugs. In addition, ships usually use their own engines when moored to power their onboard facilities, which on a cruise liner are very extensive. […]

Making shipping sustainable and safe (part 2)

Making shipping sustainable and safe (part 2)

Posted on May 15, 2020

Our work to make ships clean and green continues! We are pleased to be starting work on another project with Marine South East to work towards zero emissions in the marine environment. In the FLO-MAR project, we will investigate the design and operation of vessel types most suitable for flow batteries. Alongside Swanbarton and Marine […]


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